We are accepting Snow Removal contracts for 2017-2018 Season

Here In CNY, we are all used to plow trucks and snowblowers. But you likely haven't seen snowblowing like this. In other parts of the USA and Canada they have been operating this way for many years! We are in the process of building our customer base for the next season. This will tell us how much equipment we need to have for the next season.

Our service is first come, first serve. We have a limit of only 130 driveways on each machines route. A paid contract reserves your space on the route. Once that limit is met any out of contract work will be offered but at a premium.


Please don't wait till the snow flies. It can take 3-4 months to get the snowblower alone. If you have any questions please call us (315) SNO-BLOW


Contracts starting as low as $300 (possibly less on a case to case basis)



Everyone needs a clean driveway in the winter!But in the past there were only a few options:


Shovel it yourself:

  • With great risk to your health (Heart attacks, and slips and falls)
  • Having to get up real early just to clean the driveway
  • Shovel Over and over again(When it starts really snowing)

Snowblow it yourself:

  • Having to get up early
  • Buying and Maintaining a snowblower
  • Risking your health and limbs

Hire a plow truck:

  • They are pretty fast
  • Creates huge snowpiles and visibility issues
  • Causes damage to your yard preparing for the entire winters snowfall (Ruts, and scraped lawn)
  • Nonefficent use of driveway space (can't clear the driveway wide enough without going on the lawn)
  • Not cleanest (messy windrows along the edges of the driveway)


The Solution Hire Us!

  • Fast (Full route completion in 4-6 hrs)
  • Fully Insured
  • Driveways and in front of the garage door are cleaned by 9am normally (for snowfalls less then 16")
  • Clean-Nice lines and more room for parking
  • Greater neighborhood Safety (No High banks, better visibility)
  • No damage to your yard- I stay on your driveway, and won't peel up the grass
  • $20 Referral Credits- Refer your friends and neighbors

We offer Multiple Contract types and pricing structures.

  • Per push Contract (Billed with 6 snowfalls upfront and the rest as it happens.)
  • Single Season Contract
  • Multi-seasonal Contract



 Contact us now for the 2017-2018 snow season for more info!

 315-SNO-BLOW (766-2569)




 Below is an example of a driveway that was completely buried just to show you how effective this system is in the deep snowfalls we encounter.